Wild Rose Vanilla Strawberry Raw Cake + Wild Rose Vanilla Sweets




My sister and I have a tradition harvesting rose petals. It started in our early teenage years. To be honest, my sister was the most enthusiastic. She has always had a passion for herbs and wild flowers, and she would drag me along on her harvest adventures. I, on the other hand, was more of a berry type as a child. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries – you name it – I was there, ready to fill my basket and mouth. Funny tasting green herbs, however, I think not! I was uninterested, and would usually not bother harvesting them, nor using them in cooking.

According to my sister, this was not only the case when it came to herbs, but also wild roses. She clearly remembers how she had to use her power of persuasion the first time we went out on a rose petal hunt. In spite of my initial skepticism, however, my interest quickly increased. While my basket got more and more filled up with the beautiful pink petals, my wonder and excitement followed, until I was totally captured.

To me, the colored petals represented, and still represent, tender beauty and magic that can only be found in nature itself. The scent of wild roses reveals secrets of far away lands of white unicorns and fairytale princesses, kingdoms to be discovered, castles with secret passages and feasts that last for days. The flowers represent purity and innocence, but most of all, they help me remember the special love between sisters.





The wild rose season is coming to an end (at least in Norway), but before the party is officially over, I want to share a recipe for an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G raw cake. This is not an everyday treat. On the contrary, this cake is quite unique. The magical taste of wild roses, combined with exotic vanilla and sweet strawberries results in a combination that goes far beyond the usual experience. Raw cakes never fail to impress me, and this one is probably one of my favorites so far. Love at first bite, for sure, and a must try for anyone with a fondness for simple, gourmet food.





The recipe might look like a lot of work, but as with all raw cakes, it is done in no time! You don´t have to settle for only the cake, however, because as the pictures let on, the dish can also be served as sweets in small bites of almond and vanilla bottoms topped with wild rose hearts. They taste somewhat like marzipan, and are small, delicious mouthfuls of summer. Also, served in small cupcakes forms almost makes for a cuteness overload. 




So what are you waiting for? Go out in the bushes and harvest some wild rose. When you get back you can throw a garden tea party, and serve this cake and sweets. Add some Wild Rose Juice as well, and you got yourself the party of the year. Be sure to save me a bite, because I will definitely pop by!




Wild Rose Vanilla Strawberry Raw Cake + Wild Rose Vanilla Sweets


Vanilla Almond Bottom

2 cups (5 dl) almonds

100 grams dates

1 tbsp coconut oil

2 tsp vanilla powder


Crush the almonds in a food processor. Add the dates, coconut oil and vanilla powder, and let the food processor run until everything is well blended.


Wild Rose Marzipan

1,5 cup (3,75 dl) macadamia nuts

75 grams dates

1 tbsp coconut oil

120 grams wild rose petals


Put the macadamia nuts in the food processor and let it run until the nuts have a smooth consistency. It might take a few minutes – be patient. Add the dates and coconut oil and blend thoroughly. Add the rose petals, and let the food processor run until everything is mixed.


Making the cake:

Press the Vanilla Almond Bottom down in a pie form or on a plate. Press the Wild Rose Marzipan on top of it. Cover it with lots of fresh and sun-kissed strawberries.


Making the sweets:

Roll tiny balls of the Vanilla Almond Bottom, and put them in small cupcake forms. Make hearts of the Wild Rose Marzipan and place on top of the Vanilla Almond Bottoms.


  • Kathy says:

    Oh I just love this idea! These are perfection! Thank you very kindly for being so generous to share your lovely recipe and photo’s. Thank you.

  • Cathrine says:

    They are true mouthfuls of summer!! The blend of vanilla and wild rose is magical.. <3

  • YUM! This cake looks so delicious and pretty, too!! :) I love strawberries and all the berries…. my fave! Your cake looks to die for! 😉 This cake is nice and summery.

    Thank you for leaving your lovely comments on my blog! It makes me happy and I love reading them! :)

    Have a great day and hope your summer is wonderful!

    • thess says:

      Thank you so much, Miliany :) I am sure you would love this cake, it is sooo good!! Of course, we bloggers have to stick together 😉 Have a wonderful day! hugs

  • Ragnhild says:

    Therese!! Du ER SÅ FLINK! Herlighet, dette er jo rene kunstverkene, og det høres fantastisk nydelig ut i tillegg! Tenk å få dette servert, det er jo en drøm.
    Og som alltid, såå fine bilder. Blir så glad av å komme inn på denne fine bloggen<3

    • thess says:

      Tusen, tusen takk, søte deg, for en nydelig kommentar! :) Roser må være en av de vakreste blomster som finnes, og i tillegg smaker de utrolig godt! kaken ble i alle fall en suksess her i huset 😉 Ønsker deg en super kveld! Stor klem <3

  • Marie says:

    Sååå herlig oppskrift! Dette vil jeg prøve, men er litt usikker på hvor jeg finner slike blomster da. Ser noen som ligner rundt i hagen til folk. :) Du har så herlige innlegg, og du skriver så bra!

    • thess says:

      Tusen takk, Marie, så utrolig hyggelig kommentar :) Ville roser finnes typisk i skogen langs små veier, eller langs jorder eller små vann. Jeg trodde sesongen var over, men fant masse roser da jeg var på skogstur forrige dagen, så det kommer vel litt ann på hvor man leter 😉 Denne kaka er i alle fall vel verdt innsatsen :)

  • Pernille says:

    Det ser helt fantastisk ud<3

  • Tommy B says:

    These are just absolutely wonderful – roses and strawberries; the real taste of summer. Thanks for a fantastic recipe!

    • thess says:

      Thank you Tommy, and you are very welcome :) The cake is incredibly delicious, I am already looking forward to its reappearance in my kitchen 😉

  • Loooove this! I have never tasted wild roses (as I know at least) but most be so good together in ths cake. Looks Amazing!!! Ps. WE MADE IT THE WHOLE WAY. Thank you for your support and encouraging words. Means more than any words can describe!!!!

    • thess says:

      Thank you so much, Katrin, the cake is truly amazing! Raw cakes are soooo good 😀 Oh, that is fantastic, congratulation! I didn´t doubt it for a second though, the Universe simply must respond to such positive energies as yours 😀

  • mamsen says:

    Du imponerer meg gang etter gang!! Ikke bare ser de fantastiske ut,men jeg vet de smaker fantastisk også!! Bunnen med akkurat passe smak av vanilje og den rosa toppingen med perfekt dose rose. Helt herlig! -Og veldig gøy å få delta i fotograferingen!! Moro å ha deg hjemme for sommeren, jenta mi!

    • thess says:

      Tusen takk, mamsen 😀 Så utrolig gøy at du likte den, jeg er forøvrig helt enig – kaken er en sommerdrøm, utrolig god :) Veldig gøy at du ville være med på foto også – alltid bra med flere ideer 😀

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