Easter is here, and I am getting ready for a trip to Norway to meet my family and to keep some of the Easter traditions alive. When I think of Easter, I think of long cross-country skiing trips with oranges and hot chocolate in the backpack (in my opinion, you are not a real skier if you don´t have a backpack filled with energizing goodies), reading classic books by the fireside, and eating waffles with blueberry jam. Of course, Easter has usually also marked the time when I realize I am only a couple of months away from exams, and that it is time to focus. However, this semester is different. Here in Copenhagen, the 7. semester of medical school is known to be by far the easiest semester, and I can´t say I disagree. It is the first clinical semester, with a very light reading load and several weeks of in between rotations. The feeling of suddenly having some spare time to relax, read books (and by this I mean real novels, and not huge piles of physiology, pathology and pharmacology) and do creative things is amazing, and I am enjoying it to the fullest.




Easter has always been one of my favorite times of year. To me, it marks the beginning of spring. The sun suddenly feels a lot warmer, and it is possible to find a warm and cozy spot outside to snuggle up covered by blankets, eating oranges, chocolate and marzipan. When it all comes down to it nothing says Easter like a bowl of homemade marzipan. Not to me anyway! Of course, I am not about to give up my traditions because I now eat vegan food. Once again the answer is to get creative and start thinking in new directions.  Surprisingly enough, to make raw, healthy marzipan is really not a big challenge, although it took me some tries to get the recipe just right.





The first time I made it I used homemade date syrup, however, this batch of marzipan turned out kind of dry. On the second go I used maple syrup, and although the dryness disappeared a little, it turned out a little too sweet for my taste. When combined with whole dates, however, both the flavor and the texture came out just right. This marzipan is perfectly moist and incredibly tasty!

To get that extra Easter feel, I decided it would be fun to make the marzipan yellow. By adding 1 tsp of turmeric you get a beautiful yellow color. To avoid the turmeric taste, you can put the spice in a bowl and let it stand on the shelf for a day or two. The aroma disappears rather quickly, but the color will still be clear and strong.

While trying out different versions of this recipe I also made marzipan both with and without the skin of the almond. If you want the color to be very clear yellow, I would recommend you to peel the skin of. You do this by soaking the almonds for about 6 hours in cold water. Just remember to let the almonds dry completely, or else the result will not be satisfying. Personally, I think the marzipan is nice when it looks a little rough as well, so I don´t always bother removing the skin.


raw marzipan collage



As you can see, the recipe is as easy as can be, and I promise, it tastes so much better than the store-bought kind! I am really looking forward to enjoying this in a few days while sitting by the fireside reading my chosen Easter book. This year I´ll be reading “The Great Gatsby”. I have wanted to read it for years, but have not made time for it. However, since the movie is coming out in just a few months, I decided I should put it on the top of my “to-read”-pile, and I am quite excited about it! Have anyone of you read it?


Raw marzipan
1 ¼ cup (3 dl) almonds

6-7 large dates

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tsp turmeric


Chocolate covering

You can of course buy dark chocolate and melt it, but I prefer making my own.

75 grams cacao butter

55 grams raw cacao powder

2-3 tbsp date syrup, yacon syrup, maple syrup or agave (or other kind of syrup or sweetener)


Start by blending the almonds in a food processor. Add the dates and the coconut oil. If you want to spice up the marzipan a little, you can for example add a tablespoon of orange juice and orange zest, or some liquor, as well. While making this recipe I would recommend adding the dates one after the other. You do not want to add too many, as the flavor of the marzipan first and foremost should taste of almonds, yet, you still want the moistness (and sweetness) from the dates. As you might understand, it is a fine balance, so it is essential that you taste as you go along. When you are happy with the taste, roll the marzipan into small balls.

When making the chocolate, start by melting the cacao butter. You do this by placing the cacao butter in a plastic bowl and the bowl in a casserole with boiling water. Add the raw cacao powder and the syrup, and stir everything together. The amount of syrup depends on the type of syrup you are using, as well as your own preference for sweetness. Put the marzipan balls in the bowl of chocolate one after the other, and place them on a plate covered by shredded coconut (this is quite important to avoid the chocolate from sticking to the plate). Let it set in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes. If you would like to make your chocolate-covered marzipan extra cool, you can make some yellow coconut sprinkle by adding turmeric to shredded coconut and blend it together, before rolling the marzipan balls in it.


With this recipe I wish you all a very Happy Easter! I hope your holiday will be filled with lots of fun, and of course some healthy, tasty, raw marzipan – made with nothing but love!

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  • Marie says:

    Nam! Jeg elsker marsipan, og det er nok kjempegodt å lage det slik med dadler. Jeg har faktisk alt, så kanskje jeg skal lage det etterpå :) Ha en fin dag!

  • Ragnhild @ www.ragnhildnordrum.com says:

    Ahh, DEILIG!! Så fine og gode de ser ut! Jeg håper jeg får laget en porsjon marsipan i løpet av uken jeg også.
    Ha en kjempefin dag, og kos deg hjemme i Norge :) God påske! Klem

  • Katrin - therawfoodsisters.com says:

    wooow!! Looks amazing!! I WANT!! Ha en jätte fin påsk och gotta dig en massa med godsaker och familjen hemma i Norge :) Vi får försöka hålla traditionerna i gång trots familjeavstånd och lite andra matvanor! Älskar dina inlägg. Så inspirerande och härlig text att läsa. Stor kram!

    • thess says:

      Tusen takk :) Ja, det skal jeg! Er så deilig å være i Norge en tur, det blir nok en lang skitur i morgen:) Ingen ting er som å skape nye tradisjoner da, rawfood påske i Amsterdam er ikke så dumt det heller 😉 Ha en underbar påske og kveld! Stor klem :)

  • Elenore Bendel Zahn says:

    Beautiful words, amazing traditions, loving emotions, stunning pics and just the most perfect easter recipe!

    Have the best time with your family – so precious!

    • thess says:

      Thank you so much, I am appreciating every moment to the fullest! I just came back from a long ski trip with lots of homemade marzipan in the backpack, and it was a big hit :) So amazing to feel the energy from the forest :) Have an amazing day!

  • Morten says:

    Kjempe DIGG! utrolig god smak! Butikkens produkter kan ikke sammenlignes. takk for smakebiten :)

    • thess says:

      Tusen takk, Morten :) Kjempegøy at du likte den!! Du får komme innom når vi skal lage raw kaken også 😉

  • Alexander says:

    Helt utrolig gode! Perfekt for påsken!! 😀

  • Arne says:

    Namnam. Snadder! Blir ikke bedre!
    Beste påskemarsipan, ever! :)

  • mamsen says:

    Hei Thess!!
    Skituren ble enda mer perfekt med en fantastisk
    marsipan bit etter nybakte rolls. Dette er hva
    påske handler om for meg. Takk igjen, jenta mi!

  • Julie - therawfoodsisters.com says:

    Looks soooooo good! Älskar hur du fått till den härligt gula påskiga färgen! Tummen upp verkligen! Hoppas du får en härligt påskhelg i skidspåren och kan mysa en massa. Kramar!

    • thess says:

      Tusen takk! Disse er virkelig utrolig gode :) Perfekt som påskekos! Ønsker deg også en super påskehelg! Klem :)

  • Hanne says:

    Du er så flink til å ta innbydende bilder av alt du lager! Disse så helt fantastiske ut. Jeg må se etter pecannøtter neste gang jeg handler. Fikk så lyst på det nå 😀

    • thess says:

      Tusen takk :) Pecannøtter er så godt, eller nøtter generelt egentlig, elsker hvordan man kan bruke det til nesten alt 😉

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