Raw Chocolate Banana cake (The King of Cakes)




Let me introduce to you The King of Cakes…





I have made this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G cake several times over the past year or so, and it always blows my mind. First of all, there are not many fancy ingredients in it – you can find pretty much all of them in your local supermarket. Although the end result is far from humble, the ingredients are, and that is what makes it so special. No fuzz, no ingredients you haven’t heard of, or can’t pronounce. Because honestly, who doesn’t like to keep cooking simple and manageable?

Secondly, it is ridiculously quick to make. The last time I made it, it took me about 15 minutes from I first picked up the hazelnuts until I had a piece on my plate, ready to indulge. No kidding. The cake makes itself, and in contrast to many of its siblings, it requires zero time in the freezer or fridge. So, if you ever get unexpected guests, or suddenly get a mean raw cake craving, or for whatever other reason need a cake ASAP, this cake is your answer!

Furthermore, and most importantly, this cake is a winner because everyone loves it! And I do mean everyone, no matter their age. Children, teens, grown ups, (and even my grandfather) all reach out more than once for new servings, and there are few cakes I get more compliments for than this one. In fact, if you want to introduce raw cakes to your children, this certainly would be the cake to start off with, and I would think it perfect for children’s birthday parties.





So, what is the big secret? Why is this cake so special, and why does it steal the spotlight wherever it goes? Why, the ingredients, of course! Combining hazelnuts, chocolate and banana must be one of the most delicious food-combos out there. However, after a while it can get a bit heavy. That is where the raspberries enter. The sweet and tart berries put another dimension to the cake, and is not to be left out. The result is a fierce combo of hazelnut-flavoured crust, sweet bananas and fresh and zingy raspberries, topped with a rich and moist chocolate fudge-mousse layer. Did I hear stomachs rumbling in the distance? I believe I did!

My favourite part of the cake is the fudge-mousse chocolate layer. This one needs to be experienced. Period. It is kind of like mousse, yet a little denser. Kind of like fudge, yet a little softer. Anyhow, it melts in your mouth with a perfect milk-chocolate flavour, sweet, yet not too sweet, and with that give-me-more-of-whatever-this-is quality. Totally addictive, totally amazing, and guaranteed to surprise your never-tasted-raw-food friends, as well as your tasted-all-raw-cakes-in-existence friends, and make you the cook of the year!




Raw Chocolate Banana Cake (The King of Cakes)

Layer 1: The Crust

200 grams hazelnuts

150 grams soft pitted dates

1 tbsp coconut oil

a pinch of salt


Layer 2:

2 bananas

150 grams frozen raspberries


Layer 3; The Chocolate Fudge-Mousse

250 grams cashew nuts

150 grams soft pitted dates

5-6 tbsp raw chocolate powder

1,5 tbsp fresh lemon juice

2 tbsp coconut oil

1,5 dl water


Making the crust

Start with crushing the nuts using the food processor for about 20-30 seconds or so. Add the rest of the ingredients and let it run for a few seconds more. Taste the crust. If you think it is too dry, add a few more dates to it. When you are happy about the flavour and consistency, press the crust into a spring form pan. Slice the bananas and distribute them evenly on top of the crust. Do the same with the raspberries, crushing them a little bit with a fork first.


Making the chocolate fudge-mousse

Place the cashew nuts in the (cleaned) food processor and let it run until the nuts turn into a smooth ball in the food processor. This might take some time (usually 1-2 minutes), depending on the food processor, and if you get impatient, add the coconut oil. However, it is VERY important not to add the other ingredients until the cashew nuts have turned into a completely smooth ball. Then, add the rest of the ingredients. Let the food processor work its magic, and voila – after about 30 seconds or so it is finito! Place the fudge-mousse evenly on top of the cake.

The cake can be served immediately, no need for time in the freezer or fridge. However, if you want you can store it in the fridge for up to 5 days. Just make sure to hide it well. Otherwise, you might find it half eaten by house elves when you return. And, really, my sympathies are with the elves – this cake is just too good not to indulge in straight away!

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  • Sarah says:

    I tried this cake yesterday and I have to say it is one of the very best raw cakes I have tasted! Great combination of flavours, good job on this one :)

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