Wild Rose Juice

    “The soft rose. It is the breath of the gods and the joy of mortals, the glory of the Kharites (Graces) in spring-time, the delight of the Erotes … Continue Reading →


Orange-Strawberry Popsicles Covered with Dark Chocolate

    It is summer! Let`s get together for some long walks in the forest on small trails surrounded by trees with hundred different shades of green, and enjoy nature`s … Continue Reading →


Vegan and Raw Basil Pesto + 2 ways of serving it

    I have always been a pesto gal. In fact, pesto is one of the few foods I did not have to warm up to as I grew older. … Continue Reading →


Fresh and Healthy Mango Sorbet + the Story of a Dancing Queen

    I am not a great dancer. I am not born with any natural rhythm nor skills of coordination. Since I am also pretty tall, and my arms and … Continue Reading →


Scrumptious Rhubarb Strawberry Crumble Pie

    Oh, how I adore rhubarb!! It has to be one of the most delicate and delicious veggies around! I truly hope you took my word for it and … Continue Reading →


Mom`s Amazing Spelt Bread Rolls

    My mom is a very special woman. Not only is she unearthly beautiful¬† (reminding me of a fairytale queen), she is also the kindest, strongest, wisest and most … Continue Reading →


Rhubarb-Orange-Mint Jam (without refined sugar)

    My oh My! Food orgasm, big time! This jam is so perfect that I am totally out of words (I am even having a hard time writing right … Continue Reading →



    I come from a rather competitive family. The gene mostly comes from my father`s side, more precisely my grandmother. My grandmother was a beautiful woman. She was incredibly … Continue Reading →


Raw Tomato Soup with French Tarragon

    The unofficial raw soup days I announced in the last post quickly turned into the unofficial raw tomato soup days, because when I had made the tomato soup … Continue Reading →



    Yesterday I removed two of my wisdom teeth (Well, I let the dentist to the actual job, I just went along, half willingly and quite skeptically). Anyways, 30 … Continue Reading →