Classic Strawberry Milkshake




You may have noticed that I have been keeping things rather basic lately. Not a lot of fuzz. No extravagants. Only gorgeous natural food speaking its own simple language. That is how I like my summer plate (or in this case glass), because to be quite frank, who wants to be inside the kitchen when the weather is so amazing?  Of course, since I love to cook, I can`t (or won`t) stay away completely, but I must admit I do prefer a quick fix these days.




Beauty lies in simplicity, and these past weeks have been all about keeping it simple. Switching off the computer. Putting on a summer dress. Skipping off my shoes and letting my feet connect with the soil of the earth. Doing yoga in perfect harmony with honey bees, spiders and ants crawling on my mat. And drinking homemade strawberry milkshake. In other words, pure bliss!

Strawberry milkshake is an oldie for sure, and I can safely state that I am not breaking barriers with this recipe, but who doesn`t like the classics, right? Pairing sweet strawberries with almond milk and a bite of banana yields a heavenly feast for your senses. The smell. The feeling in your mouth. The amazing taste. And not to forget; it looks a bit like a pink puffy cloud you could drift away on. No? Only me seeing this resemblance? Oh well, more pink clouds for me!




I wrote a bit about the health benefits of wild strawberries in this post, and garden strawberries share many of the same qualities. The juicy red berry belongs to the rose family, and considering its heart-like shape, it is no wonder the strawberry is said to be the fruit of Aphrodite. Strawberries are classified as one of the healthiest foods there is.  Not only are they bursting with vitamin C, providing mind-blowingly 150% of the daily recommended value per cup, they also contain 13 % of the recommended daily value of dietary fibers, and is consequently highly beneficial for the digestive system. Also, the level of antioxidants are through the roof.

Adding to this, strawberries contain 30 % of the recommended daily value of manganese. Manganese is an essential nutrient that protects the mitochondria in our cells, and thereby helps the cell to avoid oxidative damage and cellular inflammation. What a sweet berry! There is really no reason not to dig in!




Classic Strawberry Milkshake

Makes about 1 liter (4 cups)


600 grams ripe strawberries

2 cups (5 dl) sweetened almond milk

1/2 banana


Add all the ingredients to a blender and mix everything. If you choose to use store-bought almond milk, you might want to add a few dates and some vanilla powder. However, I highly recommend you to use my recipe for sweetened almond milk – it is incredible!! Once blended, pour into fancy glasses and enjoy (preferably with a straw)!

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  • Äntligen kan vi komma in på din sida! Så fina recept och så läckra bilder och mysig text att läsa (som alltid). Yummm. Ger en äkta skandinavisk sommarkänsla med fotona i det gröna. Vi önskar dig en jätte fin dag och keep shining!!! Massa kramar

    • thess says:

      Så hyggelig med kommentar 😀 Tusen takk!! Milkshaken er en perfekt sommerdrink :) Ha en super dag dere også! Stor klem 😀

  • This smoothie looks simply divine!! The pictures are beautiful, Thess! This is my type of smoothie! I had a smoothie like this the other day for dinner. It was delicious! Have a wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend! xoxo :)

    • thess says:

      Thank you so much, Miliany :) The smoothie is amazing, sooo good 😀 Have a wonderful day and weekend you too, sweety :)

  • Den fargen altså<3<3 Så sommerlig og jordbær-ete! Og så fine fristende bilder som du alltid tar Therese- du er så flink!
    Back to basic er ofte best! Det er gøy å ekspreminrere og prøve nye smaker og kombinasjoner, men jeg er nok en slik som er aller mest glad i det klassiske og "rene" uten for mye "tull". Selv om jeg liker tull også altså 😉
    Stor klem til deg<3

    • thess says:

      Ja, ikke sant?! Tusen takk 😀 Jeg er så enig, det beste er naturlig mat hvor smakene kommer godt frem! Denne er i alle fall en vinner!! Ha en nydelig dag, skjønne deg :) Stor klem <3

  • Koko says:

    Basics are BEST, especially in summer!

  • Marie says:

    Da jeg så du hadde laget jordbærmilkshake tenkte jeg med en gang at denne burde jeg lage til Pappa. Det er han sin favoritt :) Nå er det jo en stund til jeg ser han igjen da. Mandelmelk er jo så utrolig godt, og det kan brukes til så mye. Jeg lager det ikke så ofte, siden jeg sluker det fortere enn jeg klarer å kose meg med det. Att det går ann :) Ha en fin ferie! Håper helga har vært fin.

    • thess says:

      Å, faren din hadde helt sikkert digget denne, skikkelig jordbærsmak og utrolig god :p Hehe, kjenner til det 😉 Heldigvis er mamma like ivrig på mandelmelk som meg, så vi har alltid litt i kjøleskapet 😀 Tusen takk – håper alt går bra med deg i Stavanger 😀

  • Cathrine says:

    Herlig :) Ser utrolig digg ut!!

  • Amy Jo says:

    This is definitely a classic…and for good reason! The photos are BEAUTIFUL!

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