Caramel Smoothie Bliss




Lately I have been craving caramel. It has never been my favourite thing, and I am at a loss trying to explain the reasons for this sudden happening. I woke up one day, with my thoughts evolving around a large glass of caramel smoothie…





This smoothie could not be easier to make. As usual, I am sticking to the no-fuss-no-muss kind of way in the kitchen, hence this extremely simple, yet unbelievable delicious, recipe. It tastes as my – I grant you quite inexperienced – caramel-taste buds think it should – creamy, dreamy, light and sweet! A hint of banana, a wink of almond butter and a whole lot of caramel sweetness from the soft and lovely dates. Could it be any better? Or any healthier?




Caramel Smoothie Bliss

(enough for one hungry caramel lover, or two sharing lovebirds)


1 banana

4 medjool dates

1 1/2 tbsp  almond butter (preferably raw)

3,5 dl ice cold water

3-4 ice cubes


Blend all the ingredients. Make sure the dates are soft. To get the best result you might want to soak them for a little while prior. However, I never remember to do it, and it still works just fine (note: I do have a pretty strong blender). Add a straw (or two), and enjoy true bliss in a glass.

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  • Hanne says:

    Denne så utrolig god ut! Vil også legge til at jeg er så glad for at du har begynt å blogge igjen 😀

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