Hi, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Therese, and I am a Norwegian girl living in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I study medicine.

Green attraction is a blog about healthy living, with special focus upon whole foods, raw and vegan recipes. I love experimenting in the kitchen, and I hope to inspire others to find the joy of creative cooking as well. With this blog I hope to share the endless opportunities that comes with a greener diet. By choosing greener you are not missing out on anything – you just have to adapt and adjust a little too see how you can make your favorite dishes with different ingredients. Eating healthy does not mean you have to live a life without cakes, chocolate and desserts. In fact, it means the exact opposite. When you choose to cook with natural and healthy ingredients, you can make awesome desserts packed with vitamins and minerals, and even eat it for breakfast!

Besides cooking, I am also crazy about yoga and the amazing effect it has on the body, mind and soul. In May 2012 I took a yoga Teacher Training Course at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas, a life-transforming experience I will never forget.

This blog is meant for everyone, also non-vegetarians, because varying your diet and introducing a few vegan dishes once in a while is only going to bring you great joy. If you would like, it is now possible to connect with me on facebook as well!



  • Don Duncan says:

    Your outlook on food impresses me.
    Variety is the spice of life.
    Thank you…

    • thess says:

      Thank you so much, Don – your feedback means a lot to me :) I agree, variety makes life so much more exciting and fun!

  • Hi Therese! Your blog is lovely :) It’s so nice to find other vegan blogs! I see that you’re Norwegian. I am from Alaska and I love all things Nordic :) I am currently learning German and looking forward to visiting Austria, Germany, and Switzerland in the future. I’m excited to follow your blog! Cheers!

    • thess says:

      Hey Katie :) Thank you so much, that makes me thrilled to hear! Oo, Alaska! :) I have always wanted to go there! You should definitely visit Norway while you are at it, then! It is a beautiful (yet expensive) country :) I am so excited to have you as a follower! Have a wonderful day, and keep spreading love :)

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