Homemade Granola

    Good morning, beauties! This week I have an amazing recipe for you! It is so incredibly tasty that after making this I literally ended up having this for … Continue Reading →


Mango-Hemp-Goji Energy Balls

    Woaw, it has been a while!  The past weeks I have been sleeping and drowsing in bed, trying to rid myself of both the mono and a bacterial … Continue Reading →


Vegan Lentil Burgers with Grilled Vegetables

    I am back from my blog-free week just in time to throw in one of the last summer recipes for this season. The air is getting cold and … Continue Reading →


Classic Strawberry Milkshake

    You may have noticed that I have been keeping things rather basic lately. Not a lot of fuzz. No extravagants. Only gorgeous natural food speaking its own simple language. That is how I like my summer … Continue Reading →


Fruit Popsicles with Coconut Water

    I don´t know how the weather has been in the rest of the world, but in Norway the sun has been sending its waves of warmth and light down … Continue Reading →


Wild Strawberry Vanilla Cream Raw Pie

    I should not have to convince you to make these mini pies. I mean, look at them! My mouth is watering up as we speak. And I should … Continue Reading →


A Pint of Sunshine, Please! – Mango Pineapple smoothie

    Who wants a pint of sunshine? I sure would not turn down the offer, and this smoothie is as close as you will ever get! This is like … Continue Reading →


Wild Rose Vanilla Strawberry Raw Cake + Wild Rose Vanilla Sweets

    My sister and I have a tradition harvesting rose petals. It started in our early teenage years. To be honest, my sister was the most enthusiastic. She has … Continue Reading →


Wild Rose Juice

    “The soft rose. It is the breath of the gods and the joy of mortals, the glory of the Kharites (Graces) in spring-time, the delight of the Erotes … Continue Reading →


Orange-Strawberry Popsicles Covered with Dark Chocolate

    It is summer! Let`s get together for some long walks in the forest on small trails surrounded by trees with hundred different shades of green, and enjoy nature`s … Continue Reading →